beautiful love.

I swear, I will eventually get these Bachelor posts up on Tuesday. My recreational football league on Tuesday nights is over (we made it to the championship, but we’ll just leave it at that. We most definitely did not lose 72-0), so I can devote my Tuesdays to rewatching the Bachelor and writing up my thoughts.

Thoughts on Episode 4


  1. I think that Lauren B is our clear front runner, and she’s starting to become my favorite. The way that Ben nuzzled into her during their one on one time, it was obvious that he was comfortable with her.  Lauren B has a joking tone when she talks about the process that is “The Bachelor” which I think endears her to Ben, and to me. For example, she doesn’t use any of the “I’m unlovable” or “I’m scared to open up” cliches when asked how she feels about falling in love. Instead, she laughingly says “Its terrifying”. And that’s true, it totally is. Letting your guard down and giving someone the power to potentially hurt you IS terrifying. I just enjoy the way Lauren B says it, as if its the most obvious thing in the world (because it is).
  2. Ben and Becca’s date was perfect for two hopeless romantics (say what you will about Becca being unable to love, but girlfriend has been on two of these shows). I could’ve done without the awkward fake proposal by Ben though, there was a serious look of panic in Becca’s eyes. The two of them seemed like they had a lot of fun together, and I thought their discussion about Becca’s virginity was lighthearted and easy.  Neither of them seemed uncomfortable with the topic, and even though they are on different ends of that situation, they seemed to bond over their shared values, even if they choose to express them in different ways.
  3. I really can’t call these my thoughts on the episode if I don’t talk about Olivia.  I try my hardest to only say positive things about people here, because this isn’t meant to be a negative space.  Man, though, the editors are really making it hard to like, relate to, or really to do anything besides wish Olivia would go home. She didn’t seem like herself the entire episode, although I’m not sure if this was because of her performance on the group date (where she was clearly uncomfortable), or if this behavior had started earlier. She just seemed to be acting erratically, perhaps because she was being influenced by producers to do something she normally wouldn’t. I got a sense of nervous energy around her. Her actions at the rose ceremony were also bizarre, stealing him from Jennifer after 3 minutes (supposedly), and then telling Jojo that she told Ben she loved him, and the feelings were reciprocated. The uncomfortableness that she was feeling from the group date seemed to snowball into the rose ceremony. However, the editors’ pièce de résistance in the “Olivia is the villain this season” plan was her voiceover during the rose ceremony that ended with Ben “saving the best for last”.

Tweets of the Week




Favorite Outfits

  1. Lauren B’s deep V top and jeans
    Lauren B
  2. Becca’s white dress (which is available in black here, thank you Becca’s twitter)
  3. Jennifer’s rose ceremony dress

Sorry for such poor quality on those screen grabs, I’m going to research how to make them clearer this week!

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