the box score: november 2016

I’ve always loved reading link round ups, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite things I’ve read in the month of November (Hopefully, in the future it will even be posted in the correct month!).  I may even throw in some funny pictures, inspiring Instagrams, and dogs. Always dogs.

smile-dogI have this picture saved on my computer to look at when I’m having a bad day at work. Always. Dogs.

bullet I know the election was at the beginning of the month and all the Facebook posts are starting to die down (thankfully), but I’ve got one more for you. Carly from The College Prepster wrote a really great post about getting involved in our country’s political system.  We don’t all have to be president (or want to be), but we should all be informed.
bullet One of the first shows I binge watched was My So-Called Life. This oral history is a great read.
bullet As the child of a sports and football loving dad, I could relate to this article of a father sharing his love of the San Antonio Spurs with his sons. My dad never got to have a son, so he shared his love of sports with me.
bullet Another oral history, this time about everyone’s favorite childhood game show: Double Dare! How did I not know they originally filmed in Philly?!
bullet No link round up of mine would be complete without a Philadelphia sports story.  ESPN did a great piece on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.  It’s not all blitzes and schemes though, the article really focuses on how Wentz won over the locker room as a rookie. (If you’re into front offices, player development and basically the future of existence, check out the piece on SI on another (ex)Philly guy, Sam Hinkie #TrustTheProcess)
bullet  For your dose of cuteness, behold this goat whose owner helps her with anxiety by dressing her in a duck costume.


Did you guys like this post? I’m thinking it will involve into a link roundup with a bit of what I’m loving in the world but, it hasn’t quite got there yet.  Have any suggestions (I’m in the market for a good name for this series)? I’d love to hear them! You can always find me in the comments, or on twitter @third_and_girl.





casetify – a roundup

I don’t know about you, but phone cases have always been a weak spot for me. I just really love them.  I don’t know if its the level of customization that you can apply to them, or the fact that you can purchase one as a relatively inexpensive pick-me-up on a bad day but, there’s something about them

I’ve semi-recently stumbled upon Casetify, and its my new phone case obsession. The coolest part about their product is their cases come as separate pieces. So, the bumper, outer case, and design backplate are all separate. What this allows (after you have purchased a whole case) is for you to just buy the designed backplate by itself, and have an inexpensive update to your phone! I think its such a great idea, and makes a $40 pick-me-up, a $15 one!

Besides loving the structure of their cases, the Casetify designs are so cute! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below:

cute-phone-cases_casetifyClockwise from top left: Coral Reef Marble, Corgi Pizza Slices, Cultivate Kindness, Leopard, Sporty Spice, Have Courage and Be Kind

Have you guys ever ordered from Casetify? Check out their site and let me know your favorite designs! I’m always looking for new ones!


PHILA doesn’t quit – a rant


As many of you know, I’m a die hard Philadelphia sports fan, and a shameless homer. In my mind, the refs always are making the bad call, my teams never foul, and they are always the best in the league.  I know this is not realistic, but I choose to throw my whole support behind my team, I feel like my guys need me. I’m not proud to say (or maybe I am a little) that I probably boo an official and/or the other team at least once a game. But I don’t boo my teams.

I’m also a Philadelphia Sixers season ticket member, a team that’s not known for their skill on the court, at least not yet. Last season, they had a historically bad record, but one that allowed them to get the number 1 pick in the NBA draft, and bring Ben Simmons to Philadelphia. It’s all part of The Process. Honestly, they’re sometimes a little bit hard to watch, with sloppy passing and missed shots but, I try to go to every game and get on my feet and cheer. And I don’t boo them.

The Sixers had a pretty bad showing last night, falling to the Utah Jazz 109-84.  This comes two days after taking the defending World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers down to the last play of the game before ultimately losing by 1. They only made about 40% of their field goals and had 18 turnovers, almost double what the Jazz had. But I didn’t boo them.

The stars that normally electrify the crowd weren’t on their game last night either. Joel “The Process” Embiid only shot 33% from the 3-point line, after going 4/4 against the Cavs.  Every time Embiid threw up a three on Saturday, the crowd knew it was going in. Last night, not so much. To add insult to injury, he went 6/9 from the line, leaving what should have been ‘gimme’ points off the board. But I didn’t boo him.

You love a team because they’re yours, and you shouldn’t put down the things that you love. Yes, sometimes the Sixers don’t protect the ball, and miss easy shots, and don’t play defense. Sooner or later, though, their going to start winning games. Joel Embiid is going to start putting in more and more shots that he learned from watching white people on the internet.  Ben Simmons is going to come back from injury and make no-look passes that get him compared to Magic Johnson. When they do, I’m going to be able to say I was behind them the whole way, not booing them from the top  of The Center.

This rant was brought on by listening to the guy behind me boo the Sixers for almost the entire game last night. I couldn’t help thinking how much energy he was putting into putting down a team he was supposedly a fan of.  The Center was pretty quiet due to the blow out and he would yell “(Insert Player Name), You Suck”. I don’t know if they could hear it, but if I was a player, having fans like that wouldn’t make me want to fight for them. Players and fans have a special relationship, just watch how Sixers great Allen Iverson talks about the Philadelphia fans:

I want to be apart of that group, not the group booing from the nosebleeds.

reading list – volume: 2

Wooo! I’ve finally read 3 more books.  As hard as I try to make reading more of a priority in my life, I always end up looking through the DVR instead.  It’s definitely one of the goals I’m working on, and I’m hoping if I make it quantifiable it will help. Look out for a post about goals in the future.


1. The Girls by Emma Cline


I had been hearing a lot of hype about this book around the time of its publication from many of the websites and magazines that I read.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it lived up to the hype. As a lover of true crime stories, I was intrigued by a fictional account of a Charles Manson-like cult, but the book just could not hold my attention.

I didn’t go into the book thinking any of the characters would be particularly likable (it is about murderous cult members after all). I guess I just didn’t realize how much I wouldn’t enjoy a book in which I’m not invested in the well being of any of the character. One of the easiest way to gauge my enjoyment of a book is how quick I finish it.  With this book, I never wanted to pick it back up, and when I did, I read fast so I could get through it and on to the next book.

2. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes


As I said, when I like a book I will tear through it, and this was a prime example of that. After my girls’ night last weekend, all I wanted to do on Saturday was chill, and ‘Me Before You’ was the perfect companion. I know I’m a few years behind on this book, but I’ve always wanted to read it.  With the movie starting to arrive OnDemand, I decided it was time to read it so I could watch the movie the next rainy Saturday that comes my way. To be honest, it took me a little bit of time to get hooked, but once Will and Lou’s (I always want to call her Emilia, as she is played by Khaleesi in the movie) relationship really picked up, I was all in. I’m sure many of you have heard that the book is a real tear jerker, so I’d advise not finishing it on a plane or train.

3. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty


My favorite book of this set is ‘Big Little Lies’ which I finished yesterday, after starting it Saturday.  I had a lazy weekend at my parents’ house, and a juicy novel was a great pairing with the puppy snuggles I was receiving. The book is set in modern day Australia, and follows the politics and friendships between the kindergarten mothers in a wealthy suburb.  Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Add a murder that is being investigated at the school’s annual trivia night and hop on board. The book has a twist ending (don’t they all?) that delivers, and as I finished I wanted to run to the store to pick up another of Liane Moriarty’s books ASAP. ‘Big Little Lies’ has been developed by Reese Witherspoon’s production company as a mini series for HBO. You can watch the first teaser trailer here.

Have you guys read any good books lately? I’m thinking of picking up ‘Sweetbitter’ next, but I’m easily distracted at Barnes & Noble (and as soon as I log onto Amazon).

Hope everyone has a good week! Happy Halloween!



girls just want to have fun – tips for a grown up slumber party

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I’m much more inclined to curl up on the couch on the weekends instead of hitting up the bars.  Last night was definitely one of those nights. Luckily, I had been planning a sleepover with one of my BFFs Hannah (who is one of Third & Girl’s biggest fans and commenters, Hi Han!), and it was just what the doctor ordered.  Here are my tips for the ultimate girls night:

First and foremost, comfort is key.  You’ve got to be set up in your comfiest athleisure in order to really get the full on slumber party experience. I decided on my Nap Queen sweatshirt (seen here) and some leggings but, I’ve rounded up some of my other favorite pieces below.

sleepover-collageClockwise from top left: BRUNETTE ‘Babes Who Brunch’ Crewneck, SOCKART ‘Squad Goals’ Crew Socks, Ugg ‘Watts’ Terry Leggings, Make + Model Plain Flannel Lounge Pants, patricia green ‘Queen Bee’ Embroidered Slipper, Chaser I Love Dogs Pullover

Next, you need to make sure you’re armed with some delicious beverages.  We decided on Cinnamon Fall Pear Cider, we used this recipe.  A note if you use the same recipe, its only a recipe for one drink, so be sure to multiply as necessary. We ended up using 3 cups of sugar in our simple syrup, which made for a very sticky counter but a very delicious cocktail.

Once we were dressed and had beverage in hand, we curled up on the couch with a movie.  Unfortunately, Hocus Pocus wasn’t on the 13 Nights of Halloween, so we settled on ‘The Intern’.  Some other personal sleepover favorites are: ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, and ‘Pitch Perfect’.

It was a great night full of laughter, reminiscing, and girl talk. Just what the doctor ordered leading into this chilly Saturday morning.

Do you guys have any other sleepover tips? Favorite drinks? Let me know in the comments.


things I learned – ben & lauren: episode 1

I’m back for the second time this week! Not sure what has gotten into me, but I think I’m just giving myself the freedom to write what I want instead of what I think I should write. As always, what you guys want to read is the most important to me, so please let me know what kinds of posts you like the most!

The long awaited premiere of ‘Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?’ was last night, and it did not disappoint (honestly, this show was never going to disappoint me #Ben+Lauren4Eva). The show follows Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell after their engagement on ‘The Bachelor’ and shows how they are adjusting to life as an engaged couple after only knowing each other for a few months.  I’m not going to get into the nuts and bolts of their relationship, but we did learn some things about both Ben and Lauren over the course of the hour long reality show.


1. Ben had dreams about clowns and Jesus as a child
Lauren wants to get to know Ben even better so she asks him if he has any deep, dark secrets. His response: “I am super scared of clowns.” Not only that, but he would have dreams about a tall clown and a small clown chasing his family. Only two topics of dreams in that head of Ben Higgins, Jesus and clowns.

2. Lauren is really interested in the art of street sweeping
While sitting on the porch, Lauren comments that she didn’t know street sweeping was real, she thought it was just an excuse for cops to give tickets to cars on the street.  She says, “I would love to do, like a ride-along, one day with a street sweeper”. Ben laughs her off saying that she’s witnessing the job at that very moment, but as Lauren says, “there’s a lot of buttons in there.”


3. Ben doesn’t know how to pronounce jalapeño.
Ben and Lauren are out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and are endulging in some nachos. Both of them comment that they are pretty good but are a bit spicy. Ben says, “There’s a lot of jalape-nos in there”. Luckily, Lauren was there to teach him how to pronounce the tilda that accents the ‘n’.

Did you guys learn anything else about Ben and Lauren? Are you excited to follow their relationship? Let me know in the comments!


J.Crew x New Balance Activewear

Have you guys seen the new J.Crew and New Balance collaboration? In case you haven’t, I wanted to share some of the items because I am legit obsessed! I’ve only been able to find a range of price points ($15-$200) and no item specific pricing but I’m praying that the $15 isn’t just for socks or a headband.

Here are some of my favorite looks:


The polka dot panels on these leggings are so fun! The non-solid print adds an unexpected dimension, and the lines look really flattering.


The navy and white stripe is classic J.Crew.


I’m unsure what I love so much about this tank top. It might be the pure after workout glow of the model or how comfy it looks. Either way, this tank is super cute, and could definitely be worn from spin class to brunch.

The collection launches tomorrow(!), and a bunch of stores across the country are holding launch parties. You can see if there is a store near you here. If you make a purchase, you receive a pass to a workout!

Are you guys planning on checking out this line? And crossing your fingers that the prices are reasonable? Let me know!


source (you can check out the rest of the collection at this link too!)