coffee & tv – 3 new-ish shows i’ve enjoyed

With the arrival of my new fur-baby, I’ve been hesitant to leave the house on the weekends. I mean, what could be more fun than puppy snuggles? With a lot of my weekend being spent on the couch, I caught up on/started a couple of new shows that I’ve enjoyed and wanted to share with you guys.

ozark 1source

A few Saturdays ago, my boyfriend and I started Ozarks. He told me it was a bit like Breaking Bad but with finance. Having never seen Breaking Bad, I can’t attest to that fact but I can tell you that it is very good. Don’t worry, when I say it’s a finance show I’m not talking about backroom boardroom deals – I’m talking money laundering and drug cartels. After getting caught up in a money laundering scheme, the main character Marty, played by Jason Bateman, picks up his family and moves from Chicago to the Ozarks, after promising a drug lord that he can launder even more money there. He meets a host of other criminals, who don’t really like a newbie encroaching on their turf. If you like crime dramas and aren’t wary of a little violence, I highly recommend this show.


He picked Ozarks, and I picked Friends from College. I’m a huge Fred Savage fan, having loved him since watching The Wonder Years on Nick-at-Nite. I loved the Grinder (you were gone too soon), and I’ve been happy to see him getting back into acting since until recently, he spent most of his time behind the camera. From what I’ve been reading, Friends from College is pretty hit or miss with people, but it was a hit for me. The characters aren’t really great people (I know I’m really selling it), but you also find yourself invested in them. I tend to skew towards dramas, so any show that can make me laugh out loud is a win in my book.


Last weekend, while my boyfriend was golfing, I took the time to watch the entire season of Atypical. It’s the story of a high school aged boy with autism and his family. The son, Sam, decides that he wants to start dating. How he, and his family, is the main storyline that runs throughout the first season. ALthough Sam is the focal point, my favorite story lines was that of his sister, Casey. I thought the show was heartwarming, funny at times, and didn’t shy away from difficult subject matter. I’m not an expert on the Autism Spectrum, so I can’t speak on how it was portrayed, but I enjoyed the show a lot.

Have you guys been watching anything new that you’ve been enjoying? I’m always looking for something new to dive into. Let me know in the comments!