reading list – volume: 5

It has been a while, hasn’t it? Life has been crazy between multiple classes, the Sixers season, work, and dog-momming. I wanted to share what books I’ve been reading when I can find the time! (Shout out to Hannah – I know you’ve been waiting for some book reviews)


Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park

Guys, if you need a good cry, this is the book to do it. It tells the story of Eleanor, the new girl from a broken family, and her slowly developing romance with Park, the kid who has been there all his life but hasn’t really found his person or his place. Through sharing a seat on the bus, Eleanor and Park develop the kind of romance that you only have the first time you fall in love – when you don’t yet know what it is like to have your heart broken. The two of them bond over their love of music and comic books, and through the two of them, you can re-experience all of the awkward firsts that come along with your first relationship. I didn’t want this book to end, and when it does it delivers on the suspected gut punch that you are expecting throughout. Cue the waterworks.

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler


I wanted to love this book, having always been fascinated by the Roaring 20’s and the Jazz Age but, I didn’t. I think I found Zelda to be unlikable, or unrelatable which prevented me from really committing to the story. I did feel for her as the story described her battles with mental illness and an alcoholic husband, all while having to quell her ambitions as a woman in an age where the man should be the breadwinner. I found myself wanting Zelda to just leave her marriage, and take their baby home to Alabama, where she could live a comfortable if less exciting life.

There is an Amazon show based on the book and starring Christina Ricci that I still may check out (when I finally finish Stranger Things 2). The book may not have gotten me, but I don’t know that I can turn down a period TV show!

Fitness Junkie: A Novel by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

Fitness Junkie

I wanted a quick, fun book and Fitness Junkie fit the bill. It tells the story of Janey, a 40-something recent divorcee, and bad-ass girlboss. She runs a wedding dress line with the dresses being designed by her best friend Beau. When Beau gets a little too big for his britches and tells Janey that she has gained weight and can’t be the face of the company anymore, Janey decides to go on a fitness journey. I love that you can draw parallels between actual fitness crazes and their fictional counterparts in the book. There is definitely some commentary on Goop, SoulCycle, Fitbits and Tracy Anderson not so subtly sprinkled throughout the book. If you’re looking for a fun, light read – I’d recommend Fitness Junkie.

I’d love to hear any recommendations that you guys have! You can always find me in the comments or @third_and_girl on Twitter!

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reading list-volume: 4

Due to a massive reading undertaking (see the last book), it’s been awhile since my last reading list. I’m back on a reading kick, so let’s check out what I’ve been reading since we last talked books.


Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN by James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales


I’m a sports nut, so this title has been on my to-read list for a long time. The book is an oral history of the creation of ESPN, from the beginnings of the idea all the way up to its 30th anniversary. I loved reading some behind the scenes stories from my favorite on-air personalities! My favorite part was reading how some of the on-air talents were so difficult (shout out Olbermann and my guy Bill Simmons) to work with but also so popular, that there wasn’t anything ESPN could really do. I wish there was an updated version that I could’ve picked up that would’ve given me all the juicy details of Bill’s ouster from ESPN, but I guess I’ll have to put the pieces together myself.

Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) by Lauren Graham


So as I said in the last (and as of now, only) Box Score (I really need to bring those back – maybe this month!), I semi-recently finished binging all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and the Netflix series. I had never seen it before and I absolutely loved it. As soon as the credits rolled on ‘Fall’, I ran to my bookshelf and grabbed Lauren’s book. I had ordered it a while ago, as I’ve always thought she was super relatable and funny. I knew the book would have spoilers of Gilmore Girls in it, so I had to wait until I was done watching to read it!

The book is a pretty quick read and is full of personal anecdotes and stories. She doesn’t shy away from embarrassing photos or experiences and seems very authentic. It’s not surprising that Graham is so good on Gilmore Girls or Parenthood, it’s like playing a slightly different version of yourself. I loved the few behind the scenes stories and pictures that she shared from both of those shows. This book is pretty much, what you see is what you get. If you like Lauren Graham, Gilmore Girls, or Parenthood, you’ll like this book.

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow


It’s been a while since I’ve had a ‘reading list’ post and this book is the reason. It is a behemoth. Ever since my boyfriend saw Hamilton in Chicago, without me I might add, I’ve been obsessed with the soundtrack. I wanted to be able to talk to him about the show, so I listened to it while he was seeing it. I think I have listened to it approximately 179 times since then, and he has listened to it 2 – both times in the car with me. All that being said, I wanted to read the book on which it was based. Hamilton is well written and packed with information about the first Secretary of the Treasury. I found myself way more interested in the parts of the book that correlated to parts of the musical. Since I already had a slight background on the story, I was eager to get all the details that the musical couldn’t possibly put in. If you’ve seen Hamilton, or are just dying to see Hamilton like me, this book is worth the read – just be ready to put aside a few months to get through it.

Since finishing Hamilton, I’ve already gotten through 1 1/2 more books, and have 2 more waiting for me at the library! Can’t wait to ramp up my reading once again! I’d love to hear any recommendations you guys have, you can always contact me on Twitter @third_and_girl or on Instagram @thirdandgirl.

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