sweater weather.

I hope all of you on the East Coast are staying safe and warm during Jonas.  Here in Philadelphia we got about 22 inches, so it seemed like a perfect time to hunker down and write a post.

Awesome Things in the Sports World this Week


1. The Buffalo Bills hired Kathryn Smith, the first female full-time assistant coach in the NFL.  There has been a lot of traction regarding females in a male dominated sports world, with the hiring of Becky Hammon by the San Antonio Spurs and Sarah Thomas being hired by the NFL as the first full-time female referee. Bravo to Rex Ryan on this hiring, and congratulations Kathryn!

2. Larry Fitzgerald seems to be an incredible human. When brainstorming this section, I planned on writing about him taking time to thank an elderly veteran for his service on game-day. Then, after scoring the game winning touchdown to get his team into the NFC championship game, he spends his post game interview time sending best wishes to ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen, who had announced he was undergoing treatment for throat cancer.  Its hard to root against a guy like that.

3. After saving a woman from her car during a potentially dangerous car crash, linebacker for the New England Patriots Darius Fleming didn’t go around and brag about his heroics. He simply went to the hospital to get 22 stitches in his leg from kicking in her car window to get her out, and then played in a football game against the Kansas City Chiefs that weekend.  Just a guy, doing the right thing, and putting other people before himself.

My Favorite Text-Focused Sweatshirts

sweatshirt collage

Graphic text sweatshirts seem to be having a moment and I’m all in on the trend.  I already own numbers one and two, and am looking to add three to my closet soon.

Interesting Cast Members on the Upcoming Season of Survivor

1.The only person who might be more fun than Aubry Bracco is her grandma who seems like a total bad ass and didn’t eat chicken because “their legs were too close to their butts”. She seems to have a great knowledge of the game, name dropping Shambo and Greg Buis in her interview — two players who weren’t on the past 3 seasons.  Plus, if Survivor doesn’t work out for her, I’m first in line to buy her children’s book about manatees.

2.Although Caleb Reynolds’s bio does not seem particularly interesting, I can’t help but get excited to see someone who has spent a summer in the chaos also known as the Big Brother house attempt to spend 39 days on an island in Cambodia. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, he chose to refer to himself as “Beast Mode Cowboy” throughout the summer.  Still not enough? Check out this gif:
bmc karate
I can only hope that we get more of this on the island.

3. Support for Debbie Wanner being the most eccentric person on that beach: she used the word Spartan to describe herself, mentions the lead of Pit Bulls and Parolees as her inspiration in life and is a card carrying member of a juggling club.  Oh, and she compares herself to Hannibal Lecter.  I’m not positive that I’ll be rooting for Debbie, but I find it hard to believe that she won’t bring some entertainment.  Girl has got style though, 17 year-old competitive swimmer Emily would love that bathing suit (who am I kidding, I would still love to rock that suit).

Anyone else obsessed with a show that many people don’t know is still on? How about your thoughts on the games this weekend? I’d love to hear from you!


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