The Bachelor is one of my favorite shows of all time. It has become almost a cult classic recently, and nothing is more fun than sitting around with my friends on a Monday night and dissecting everything about the show.  I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the show with you here.

My Thoughts on Episode 3 of the Bachelor

  1. This episode seemed like it should be titled, “Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever: Rise of the Mean Girl”. Between the attacks on Jubilee, and the biting comments behind Olivia’s back (and I’m not an Olivia apologist), I was slightly uncomfortable with the front that these women were putting forward to the camera.
    Did anyone else think that all of the attacks on Jubilee seemed completely unfounded? Maybe as someone who also expresses their anxiousness through sarcastic comments, I just see where she was coming from with her “anyone else want to go on this date?” comment.  I have to guess that then continuing to confront her, in the guise of it being a “conversation”, isn’t going to win you any points with the guy you’re all trying to date.  What do I know though, I haven’t been on this show three times.
  2. I think Ben is really into Lauren B, who I also like as she seems to be completely down to Earth and aware that she might be one of the most ridiculous shows of all time. She’s frequently sarcastic, which I can definitely appreciate. In my eyes, Ben looks at her in a completely different way then he looks at the other girls, and it was really telling when he wanted to tell her something that he hadn’t talked about with anyone yet.  He didn’t seem to be telling her because the producer’s asked him to, but because he really wanted this girl that he was falling for to know the real him, and the things he was struggling with. (Sidebar: Why did Ben’s pastor call him to tell him about his dad and not his mom or another family member? That being said, I’m very happy that Mr. Higgins is doing well).
  3. I’m really proud of Lace for removing herself from the show.  I felt like her insecurities were getting the better of her in some of her interactions with Ben, and I can only imagine how tiring and taxing that is. It takes a big person to realize that something that might make you (in)famous may just not be the best thing for you, especially when a babe soda like Ben Higgins is involved.  All that being said, can’t wait to see Lace in paradise.

Favorite Tweets from Monday



My Favorite Bachelor Themed Items

1. most dramatic rose ceremony
I love a good tongue and cheek reference to the ridiculousness of The Bachelor.  You can get this glass perfect for your Monday night sipping here.

2. bach and chill
This is pretty much my dream life.  You can buy this here. bach yoga pants
I’m sure many of you have seen this shirt around.  I couldn’t not include it though, it is a classic, and pretty much encapsulates my Monday nights. As far as I know, if you use the code “BACHELOR” at check out, you can get 10% off and 10% of the profits go to an animal shelter.  So get a great shirt, and help man’s best friend by clicking here.

What are your thoughts on Episode 3 of the Bachelor? I’d love to hear them!




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