Third Time’s a Charm

Hey Y’all (I’m not from the South, but every time I go there for more than 2 days I develop a strong Southern twang.  And I like it!)


As long as I can remember in my grown up “internet person” life, I’ve loved blogs, and I’ve tried to start one two times before.  However, I think I always tried to write a blog that was like the ones I like to read, but not necessarily the kind that I was meant to write. I just love too much stuff (and it is stuff) to write a one topic blog, whether it be fashion, beauty, entertainment, sports, etc.  So my idea for this is to combine all of those things, and to share the things I’m loving with other “internet people” who are interested in the same thing.

So my idea for this is: three topics a post, with three items beneath each one.  I can’t promise that this will never change, because I know there will be an occasion when I have a passionate rant inside me. So without further ado….

About Me.
1. Anytime I’m with a new group of people, I suggest playing the “fun fact” game, which is not even a game.  I don’t think this wins me any friends, as most people, in fact, do not like this game.  I find the weirdest or most unique things about people the most interesting. In case you were wondering, my fun fact: I have 20 teeth like a small child.
2. I live in what I consider to be the most passionate sports town, Philadelphia. I know a lot of people can argue for their towns, and I’m sure some could give us a run for our money.  No one lives and dies by their teams like Philadelphians though.
3. I have an accurate countdown to the day when I’m allowed to be a puppy mom (447 days).

What I Imagine You’ll Find On This Blog. 
1. LOTS of stuff about the TV I watch. My interest run the gamut from trashy reality (you’ll find me on my couch with wine on Mondays for the Bachelor), HGTV, network dramas, and premium cable “prestige shows”.
2. Sports. I’m a HUGE sports fanatic. And although I’m a ride or die Philly fan, I can appreciate other teams. I’m a big fan of sports Twitter and podcasts, so I’m sure you’ll find some random sports gifs and tweets on here from time to time.
3. Things that I think are hilarious. I kind of picture this blog to be all of the things that I send to my friends, my boyfriend, or my parents – and I’m hoping you guys enjoy them too!

All Time Favorite BuzzFeed Articles.
1. 18 People Who Forgot There Was Already A Word For That
….cereal water
2. The 37 Most Important Puppy Pictures of 2015
See #3 of the About Me.
3. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s Best Moments of the 2014 Golden Globes
Because they are goddesses and I love the term “garbage person”.

Let me know what you think in the comments! And please share your favorite articles, or really anything! That’s what this is all about!