J.Crew x New Balance Activewear

Have you guys seen the new J.Crew and New Balance collaboration? In case you haven’t, I wanted to share some of the items because I am legit obsessed! I’ve only been able to find a range of price points ($15-$200) and no item specific pricing but I’m praying that the $15 isn’t just for socks or a headband.

Here are some of my favorite looks:


The polka dot panels on these leggings are so fun! The non-solid print adds an unexpected dimension, and the lines look really flattering.


The navy and white stripe is classic J.Crew.


I’m unsure what I love so much about this tank top. It might be the pure after workout glow of the model or how comfy it looks. Either way, this tank is super cute, and could definitely be worn from spin class to brunch.

The collection launches tomorrow(!), and a bunch of stores across the country are holding launch parties. You can see if there is a store near you here. If you make a purchase, you receive a pass to a workout!

Are you guys planning on checking out this line? And crossing your fingers that the prices are reasonable? Let me know!


source (you can check out the rest of the collection at this link too!)

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