small town – the bachelor: week 7

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of posting in the past week, I had half a post planned and then the weekend just got away from me.

This week on The Bachelor we traveled to Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana aka my dream small town. And it was the most dramatic episode yet (not really, it was kind or boring), and there’s lots of great stuff to unpack.

Bachelor Episode 7 Leaves gifsource

My Takeaways

  1. Ben takes Lauren (I will no longer be using the B as she is the only one left) on the first one-on-one date. The two of them drive around in this gorgeous vintage truck, and see the sights in Warsaw. There is one point when they are driving where it seems that he wants to just rest his head on hers. That’s love ladies and gentleman.
    Ben Higgens Lauren B
    He takes her to the youth center where he used to work, and the two of them spend the afternoon shooting hoops with the kids. Ben also brings in Paul George and George Hill of the Indiana Pacers, and the kids and Lauren are equally star struck (I’m going to choose to believe that Lauren is a huge basketball fan, so we can become best friends). Ben seems to be really great with children, and I think that this is where Lauren really falls in love with him, (as evidenced by the fact that she later says she’s in love with him). Lauren and Ben hang out in the condo where Ben is staying, then close out what would be my perfect date at the local dive bar with Ben’s friends.
  2. For the group date, Ben takes Caila, Amanda, and Becca kayaking, and then they hang out in a barn that is reminiscent of the barn where Farmer Chris dumped her one season ago.
    All three of the women were seeking validation in their conversations with Ben, but it seems that validation only comes in the form of a rose. Amanda received the rose on this date, ensuring that she will get to take Ben home to meet her daughters. Not only that, she gets to spend the rest of the night with Ben, taking part in shameless product placement for McDonalds. After working the McDonald’s drive-thru (that’s not me mocking the date, they actually did that), Ben and Amanda spent some time at the Warsaw carnival. The carnival actually looked like fun but I was unnerved by the number of people that were constantly surrounding them and taking pictures on their phones.
  3. On Emily’s one-on-one date, Ben takes her to his childhood home to meet the parents. I’m sure Emily was nervous and not being particularly eloquent, but the editing really made her sound like a rambling crazy person. For example, when Ben’s dad asks her what she likes she says, “Movies. If I could sit around and watch them all day long that would be my favorite thing in the whole world.” She also says that she doesn’t like vegetables. Shockingly, both Ben’s parents have reservations that mirror Ben’s about Emily’s age. Ben takes Emily back to the girls’ house, and tells her that he can’t see her being his wife. The downside of this breakup location is the fact that the other girls were watching the entire time. On the bright side, Emily was able to cry and download all of her emotions with the girls before leaving.

    At the rose ceremony, Ben gave roses to Caila, Jojo, and Lauren and sent Becca home. Next stop: hometowns.

Favorite Tweets

Favorite Looks

  1. Caila’s Cableknit Sweater
    Caila’s sweater looks so cozy, and the fringe at the bottom adds a fun, unexpected element.
  2. Emily’s Military Jacket
    Emily’s army green jacket is a casual staple piece that everyone should have to throw on. The leather paneling edges it up just a bit.
  3. Lauren’s Light Coat
    Lauren Episode 7 coatI’m not sure if the coat is light pink, or it just looks it in the light, but it gives off a Jackie O vibe and I’m digging it.

What are your thoughts Bachelor lovers? Who do you think Ben is going to give the final rose too? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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