life with luna-gotcha day

Guys, my lifelong dream of owning a dog of my very own has finally come true, and I can’t tell you how much joy this girl brings to my life. If you haven’t seen on my Instagram already, meet Luna:


About a week ago, my boyfriend, Geordie, and I decided it was finally time to get a dog. Well, actually, we decided more than a week ago, as the last weekend in July has been circled on our calendar all year. We have had so many out of town weddings this summer that that weekend was the earliest weekend that we were going to be in town and able to get our new pup settled. On July 28, we went to the PSPCA just to browse (year right) for a pup.

I had gone to a charity event the night before benefiting the PSPCA and fell in love with a puppy named Louise. When we got the shelter on Friday evening, Louise had been adopted and I was a little bummed. I turned around to look at the other row of kennels, and we locked eyes with this little black lab mutt, named Emma at the time, and our hearts melted. Not wanting to jump the gun, we browsed through the shelter, while Geordie assured me that, “no, we can not get three of them.” On our way back around we stopped at her cage again, and were amused by how she looked at us while all the other dogs in the kennel barked. It was the look of “IDK what these guys are barking at, they’re crazy.” I think it was that moment that we decided that we wanted to meet this little girl, and possibly take her home.

IMG_0122First family picture

We took her outside to let her run around and fell in love with her energy and love of life. I’ve never seen a dog look so happy running around, tongue out of her mouth and everything! I wish I had a picture of that. It was a no brainer that this silly girl was going to be our girl.

We were able to take her home a few days later (she still had to be spayed), and our life has changed so much in the past two week – but for the better. It is incredible how this animal who can not speak can have so much personality. Luna loves chicken (it’s the only way she will take a pill), tearing apart toys (especially stuffed ducks), pulling blankets inside her crates, and chasing bugs and leaves. She also is the biggest baby in the world and loves to cuddle.

IMG_0176Begging for chicken

I’d love to share my future experiences as a dog owner with you, especially living in the city. I’ve already learned that it’s really hard to keep her focus while outside , so any tips and tricks would be welcome!

Welcome to our family, Luna! We love you!

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